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Disease therapy

We will help you find the right treatment for any illness, no matter how serious it is.

At Grand M we use world-leading oncology clinics in Germany and Switzerland, where they draw on latest and best high-tech methods for both the detection and treatment of cancer.

As a hub of cancer research, Europe offers some the best and most advanced methods in the world and many forms of cancer can now be treated successfully, allowing our patients to go on to live full and happy lives.

Detecting the disease at an early stage is often crucial. That is why Grand M offers the latest screening techniques, which can detect cancer cells even before symptoms are apparent, thus significantly improving success of any treatment.

When it comes to your treatment, our highly-qualified specialists will create a personalised programme, offering the best form of treatment for both the type of cancer and the patient.
Various forms of cancer require individual approaches and methods of treatment, based on the general condition of the patient and the results of the examination.
High-tech methods of chemotherapy using the latest antitumor drugs, biotherapy, proton therapy, immunotherapy, genetic engineering, molecular genetic therapy and radiosurgery, are used in Germany and Switzerland oncology clinics. Cancer therapy in Germany and Switzerland is also successfully used in the late stages of the disease and in the treatment of cancer which has not responded to traditional therapy. One of the key elements linked to improved success rates at the clinics we work with is the excellent qualifications the physicians and medical staff.
Programs for the treatment and rehabilitation of oncological diseases are drawn up on a case-by-case basis, after the provision of medical documents and the necessary consultations.
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