Medical treatment in Switzerland

Medical treatment in Switzerland

Grand M is a modern company which specializes in the organization of medical treatment in Switzerland and in other European countries.

We work with the best doctors and clinics in Switzerland, having the up-to-date medical equipment and excellent service. All our doctors are highly qualified specialists with brilliant reputation. We carefully evaluate the professional reputation of each doctor before including him in our network of experts.

No matter what health problems you have, our specialists can solve them quickly and effectively. 

Organization of medical treatment in Switzerland

The organization of treatment in Switzerland includes the following services:

  • Communication with clinics, coordination of the treatment dates
  • Visa support, booking of tickets and hotels
  • Agreement on the date, time and conditions of each type of medical examination
  • Transfer service (arrival /departure, as well as transferring within the country)
  • Coordination of visits to different doctors
  • Interpreting services

Cost of medical treatment in Switzerland

The cost of medical treatment in Switzerland is influenced by several factors:

  • Diagnose;
  • Complexity of the treatment itself;
  • Chosen clinic and doctor.

More information can be found by contacting us - Contacts.

Treatment process in Switzerland

By contacting Grand M, you will be provided with an individual medical manager who will help you with all organizational issues and accompany you at every stage of treatment.

The next step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health, which includes:

  • Personal consultation
  • Study of medical history and scans
  • Analysis of personal and family medical history and lifestyle of the patient.

To obtain a more accurate diagnosis an individual examination program will be developed, which includes the up-to-date imaging technologies and laboratory tests.

Based on the results obtained, we will discuss with you all possible treatment options in the best clinics of Switzerland and recommend the most optimal course.

Our clients do not need to worry about the correctness of the chosen medical treatment. After all, the main principle of Grand M is the accuracy of the diagnosis.

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