Post-Stroke rehabilitation in Germany

Post-Stroke rehabilitation in Germany

Grand M is a modern company which specializes in post-stroke rehabilitation in Germany and in other European countries.

We work with the best European rehabilitation centers, treating a wide range of diseases, including strokes, spinal cord traumas and encephalitis. We carefully evaluate the professional reputation of each doctor before including him in our network of experts.

Each rehabilitation center uses the up-to-date diagnostic equipment to provide patients with all necessary support.

Organization of post-stroke rehabilitation in Germany

For post-stroke rehabilitation in Germany, Grand M offers a multidisciplinary approach, uniting a highly qualified doctors and physiotherapists, who create programs that are fully focused on your needs.

The main aim is to enable people to regain full (or partial) independence of daily living by improving the quality of their lives as much as possible.

If you or your family member needs post-stroke rehabilitation, please, contact Grand M.

We will carefully study your case, draw up a rehabilitation plan and connect you with the leading neurological rehabilitation centers in Germany.

Each our client will have individual care and access to the up-to-date post-stroke rehabilitation methods.

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