und CT-Bildanalyse durch die führenden
europäischen Spezialisten
We would like to bring to your attention a range of services for patients with COVID 19 symptoms.

To support you during the COVID 19 pandemic, we have developed a free questionnaire in order to help us assess your risk of infection.

Assessment of the infection risk with the help of a professional questionnaire
Step 1. Assessment of the infection risk
with the help of a professional questionnaire

Answer the questionnaire as truthfully as possible to obtain an accurate result. To request a personalised link to complete the questionnaire, you can write us an email at

Examination of CT images
Step 2. Examination of CT images by the leading European specialists

Examinations based on lung CT scans is currently considered crucial for COVID 19 diagnosis.
This examination is particularly important for patients at risk. This includes patients who are
suffer from lung diseases, smokers, asthmatics, and, most of all, patients who are suspected to have been infected with COVID 19 based on existing symptoms or contacts with infected people.

Upon selecting this service, you will send us the available images, and then receive the report by one of German radiologists translated into Russian.

Online consultation with a doctor (20 minutes)
Step 3. Online consultation with the leading European doctors

If you want to discuss your results in person, we can arrange a teleconsultation (20 minutes) with a doctor for you via a special program or Skype. If necessary, interpreter's services will be provided.

Based on all the data received, your doctor will prepare a medical report with recommendations on treatment and write a prescription if necessary. In addition, we can arrange the medicines' delivery directly to the patient's home. Stay healthy!

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