Premium Curcuma by Mount Natural
Premium Curcuma by Mount Natural

Many products on the market contain either only curcuma powder or only curcumin. Mount Natural uses both and adds Bioperine as an active ingredient booster. Curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that a small addition of black pepper extract (piperine) can increase bioavailability by a factor of 20.

We believe in the natural composition of curcuma, but we optimise its effect.

  • High-quality curcuma powder from controlled cultivation with over 90 different active ingredients and essential oils.
  • Curcuma powder contains only approx. 3-4% curcumin, therefore Mount Naturak additionally uses 95% curcuma extract - 360 mg per daily dose.
  • Increasing the bioavailability of curcumin by about 2000% with piperine.
  • Small capsules easy to swallow (20mm x 6mm), smaller than those of most manufacturers.
  • Optimum dosage by dividing the daily dose into 3 capsules per day
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