Burgerstein Microcare
Burgerstein Microcare

Your customised micronutrient blend 

With Burgerstein microcare®, a specialist (doctor, pharmacist, chemist, or naturopathic practitioner) can prepare a personalised micronutrient blend customised to your requirements. Numerous factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, and health status can be taken into account in this process.

Ideal combination of individual micronutrients

Burgerstein microcare® is comprised of a selection of exceptionally bioavailable granules that contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. The range is completed by a selection of plant extracts and other interesting nutrients (e.g. chondroitin sulfate), which optimally complement the micronutrients listed above. These substances keep the metabolism in balance and help to maintain good health.

Burgerstein microcare® is suitable for all age groups – from children to the elderly.

  • As a preventive measure to maintain well-being
  • As a supplement to correct a metabolic imbalance
  • To support conventional or complementary medical treatment
  • For individuals unwilling or unable to swallow tablets or capsules
  • When exercising
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