Breast Augmentation in Germany

Breast Augmentation in Germany

Grand M is a modern company which specializes in the organization of plastic surgery in Europe. And the most popular operation is breast augmentation in Germany.

Our company offers the services of the best plastic and aesthetic surgeons in Europe, recognized worldwide for their skill, professionalism and high standards of safety. In their work, they use high-quality and safe implants in combination with the up-to-date equipment. Thanks to this, excellent cosmetic results are achieved.

Organization of breast augmentation surgery in Germany

Experienced specialists of the company Grand M will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your anamnestic data, and if necessary, appoint additional examinations. Next, we will coordinate a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who, based on the results, will offer an individual method of solving your problem.

You will be accompanied by a personal medical manager throughout the process. He will solve all organizational issues.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Germany

The cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on the following factors:

  • The chosen method of mammoplasty: it can be the inserting of implants or lipofilling (autologous fat transplantation);
  • The complexity of the operation;
  • The chosen clinic and surgeon.

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