You will feel our support, care and attention during every step of the way.
Every step of the way

Upon contacting Grand M, you will be assigned a medical manager who will support you throughout the treatment and who will take care of all organisational matters.

Corporate services
Personal services Membership
Various health programmes
Communication with clinics, approval of treatment dates
Visa support, booking of tickets and hotels
Coordination of the dates, times and conditions for each type of examination
Organisation of transfers (arrival/departure and also transport within the country)
Coordination of visits to different doctors
Translation services
Professional personalised plan
Professional personalised plan
Grand M‘s care starts with our expert specialists performing a comprehensive assessment of your medical history.

This gives us a thorough understanding of your health. After a full analysis, your medical manager will discuss your therapeutic options so that you have a full understanding of the choices. They will recommend the best
course of action and make the necessary arrangements for you, saving you time and worry.

Personal concierge
Personal concierge
In order to minimise your travel concerns, our concierge team is ready for almost everything: they will help you with advice, provide any information, arrange transfers or excursions, and make all necessary reservations.

Our concierge will always be in touch to ensure you have the most
comfortable journey and stay.

Second opinion
Second opinion
A treatment’s success is directly related to the accuracy of the diagnosis. This is one of the fundamental principles of Grand M’s work.

Regardless of the complexity and specificity of each situation, we will ensure maximum accuracy when establishing a diagnosis on the basis of the data obtained from you, and we will organise additional laboratory and instrumental examinations if the data is incomplete or inaccurate.

Medical Data Managment
Medical Data Managment
Patient confidentiality is our highest priority. Your personal medical file will be completely safeguarded and only you and authorised personnel, who are directly involved in your care, will have access to it.

We store all our documents on a secure web-based platform that is continually backed up and updated in accordance with European laws. This means that your records can be accessed by our medical experts anywhere in the world, whenever necessary, ensuring smooth transitions when you travel, or change specialist.

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