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Neurological rehabilitation
Neurological rehabilitation
We can provide specialist support and care for patients with neurological conditions and brain injury.

Whether you or your family member is suffering from a degenerative brain disease like Parkinson disease or Alzheimer’s or has suffered trauma such as brain injury or damage to the spinal cord, we will connect you will Europe’s leading neurological rehabilitation centres.
Each rehabilitation centre uses state-of the-art diagnostic equipment to give patients the full support they need.

The goal is to enable people to regain full (or partial) independence in everyday activities, optimising quality of life for all patients.
The European clinics we work with treat a range of conditions including stroke, spinal cord injury and encephalitis.

We can also connect you to leading specialists in progressive neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease.
European rehabilitation programmes employ a multidisciplinary approach, addressing both the physical and psychological issues, with personalised programme to help patients achieve optimal recovery.

Every patient can expect the utmost in individual care and access to the most advanced rehabilitation methods.
Orthopaedical rehabilitation
Orthopaedical rehabilitation
After injury or bone surgery it essential to follow a carefully constructed personalised programme to minimise recovery time and get you back on your feet in the shortest possible time.

At Grand M we will deliver a specialised, programme for orthopaedic rehabilitation delivered by a highly-trained compassionate team of doctors and nursing staff.

A carefully curated team of experts will create a personalised programme, to improve your strength and movement in the fastest time possible.
Post-operative rehabilitation
Post-operative rehabilitation
Drawing on a network of Europe’s leading experts, Grand M will connect with the most advanced clinics, using state-of-the-art, high tech equipment to speed your recovery and help you get back to a normal life as quickly as possible.

Whether you are recovering from major heart surgery, orthopaedic surgery following a sports accident or an appendectomy, we will connect you with exceptional experts who will take care of you offering a personalised programme of care, whether as an in-patient or in the comfort of your own home.

Grand M offers a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together highly trained, nursing staff, with doctors and physiotherapists to create a programme that is entirely centred on your needs.
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